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 What is an .inf file?
Inf files also known as a setup information files, are used by windows in the aid of installing software and device drivers. Inf files are plain text files, and are usually associated with hardware components.

 How do I install the .inf file after I have downloaded it?
Once you have downloaded the .inf file you are looking for you still need to make sure Windows or the program causing the error can find it. Follow these steps:

* Please make sure to take all precautions before installing a .inf file. This includes scanning the file for viruses/malware and backing up you system and files. We are not responsible for errors. Please read our disclaimer before downloading or installing any file.

Windows XP

First locate the .inf file you would like to install.

Right click on the .inf file and go to install.

Click "Open" and the .inf file should install.

 Where can I find more help on .inf files?
We have a forum setup where you can find more help on .inf problems and request files that are not available on our site. - Specializing in .dll, .ocx, and .inf File Support.

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